Cannabis rescheduling’s impact on states could be huge (Newsletter: December 14, 2023) - Read of Green
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Cannabis rescheduling’s impact on states could be huge (Newsletter: December 14, 2023)



Source: Marijuana Moment

Feds: legalization doesn’t increase teen use; OH marijuana changes delayed; Colombia cannabis bill stalled; MA psychedelics; MD sales

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A National Institute on Drug Abuse official told Marijuana Moment that results of a new teen drug use survey show that as legalization of adult-use cannabis spreads, it “has not really impacted” youth use rates—saying prohibitionist fears have “not played out.”

Federal rescheduling of marijuana could lead to a cascade of state-level reforms, as more than half the states in the country have laws that make it so a federal reclassification automatically triggers state-level scheduling changes.

A new federally funded study published by the American Medical Association found that one out of four Americans used an emerging cannabinoid such as CBD, delta-8 THC, CBG or CBN in the past year. Delta-8 use is much higher in states where marijuana is illegal—suggesting prohibition may “unintentionally promote” use of the loosely regulated products.

Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens (R) said lawmakers will not be sending a bill to revise the voter-approved marijuana legalization law to the governor’s desk by the end of the year—though he is open to considering expungements and launching sales earlier in 2024.

Colombia’s Senate voted to shelve a marijuana legalization bill that has already passed the Chamber of Representatives—meaning that supporters will need to restart the two-year process over again in 2024 in order to revive the reform.

Pennsylvania lawmakers sent Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) a bill to allow medical marijuana grower-processors to sell cannabis products directly to patients and to grant cultivation permits to independent dispensaries.

The Provincetown, Massachusetts Select Board passed a psychedelics decriminalization resolution—the seventh municipal body in the state to do so. The measure also calls for changes to a proposed statewide legalization initiative that could be on the 2024 ballot.

The Maryland Cannabis Administration reported that recreational marijuana sales hit another monthly record high in November, while medical cannabis purchases continued to decline.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission awarded five integrated facilities licenses to businesses that will be allowed to grow, process and sell medical marijuana onsite.


The House of Representatives passed a bill to schedule xylazine.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), a presidential candidate, visited a cannabis dispensary, with CNN reporting that he “said Biden should address the marijuana laws—and smoke a joint himself—but seemed unfamiliar with Biden’s 2022 pardons of people with federal possession convictions and starting the process of rescheduling the drug.”


The Hawaii attorney general’s office took lawmakers on a trip to Massachusetts to study that state’s marijuana legalization law.

The co-chair of the Connecticut legislature’s Judiciary Committee said he will “definitely” reintroduce a psilocybin decriminalization bill in 2024.

The chair of the New York Assembly Agriculture Committee said she is “not happy” with regulators’ decision to end the state’s marijuana farmers market program and will be filing legislation to extend it.

An Ohio senator discussed his support for allowing medical cannabis dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana on an expedited basis.

A Missouri representative authored an op-ed arguing that the stacking of local and county marijuana taxes fuels the illicit market.

Alabama’s top medical cannabis regulator spoke about ongoing efforts to launch the industry.

Michigan regulators published a monthly report on disciplinary actions taken against marijuana businesses.

The Colorado Department of Transportation posted information about driving under the influence of delta-8 THC products.

New Jersey regulators sent a reminder that the deadline to submit public comments on proposed rules to expand the availability of cannabis edibles is on Friday.

Oregon regulators will consider rules on marijuana batch plant tagging on Thursday.

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The organization that runs New York City’s first government-sanctioned safe consumption sites for illegal drugs published a report on the first year of operations.


The Victoria, Australia Legislative Council debated a marijuana legalization bill.


A study found that “the initial period of tight market restriction following legalization of non-medical cannabis was not associated with an increase in health service use or frequency of psychotic disorders.”

A study found that CBD “inhibits [immunoglobulin E]-mediated mast cell degranulation and anaphylaxis in mice.”


The National Cannabis Roundtable published its first corporate social responsibility report.


Canopy Growth Corporation announced that its board of directors approved a share consolidation that is expected to take effect on Friday.

Glass House Brands Inc. announced the closing of a $15 million series D preferred stock offering.

AYR Wellness Dispensary workers in Henderson, Nevada voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 711.

Michigan retailers sold $260.5 million worth of legal marijuana products in November.

New Jersey retailers sold $762.9 million worth of legal marijuana products in the first three quarters of 2023.

Illinois dispensaries sold $25.6 million worth of medical cannabis products in November.

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