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Cannabis deconstructed: Create your own custom blend with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary



It’s easier than ever to try new cannabinoids like THCV & CBDV on their own or in tailor-made combinations targeted to your needs.

Rare Cannabinoid Company is revolutionizing the way we consume cannabinoids by creating a full apothecary out of the compounds found in hemp and cannabis.

The pioneering brand has deconstructed the plant so customers can mix and match single rare cannabinoids—pure extracts of THCV, CBDV, delta-8 THC, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBD, CBDA—, full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD, and terpene-only tinctures, to create their own blends. For those who prefer edibles, they also offer high-strength, pure CBD, CBN, CBG, and THCV gummies.

“People are unique—they use hemp and cannabis for different reasons, ranging from illness to weight loss to seeking happiness and euphoria,” said company founder and CEO Jared Dalgamouni.

“People are unique—they use hemp and cannabis for different reasons—from illness to weight loss to seeking happiness and euphoria.”

Rare Cannabinoid Company was the first in the world to produce pure THCV and CBDV oil tinctures. While they sound similar to THC and CBD, these two variants have very different effects and also demonstrate the vastly different reasons for which people take cannabinoids. THCV is mostly used for appetite suppression or combined with delta-8 THC for an energetic high. Meanwhile, CBDV is being studied on children with autism spectrum disorder as well as for seizures and muscular dystrophy

“There’s no one-size-fits-all CBD or THC product that can cover everything,” said Dalgamouni. “Our goal is to give our customers the tools to tailor their own perfect blend or blends. They can tweak the dosage depending on how they are feeling or use different cannabinoids at different times of day,” he said.

How to build perfect blends

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary concept harkens back to the days when patients visited their local pharmacist for bespoke formulas of herbs and tinctures. Only now, products are made in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Procedures) facility and third-party lab tested, so consumers can safely purchase them online or in stores and mix and match them at home.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary concept harkens back to the days when patients visited their local pharmacist for bespoke formulas of herbs and tinctures. 

Here, we’ll explain how to use the products together. Scroll down for recommended combinations and details on what each cannabinoid can be used for. For additional help, links to medical research and independent cannabis health advisors can be found on the company’s website. 

There are five main categories of products: Full spectrum CBD, the apothecary line of rare cannabinoid single extracts, terpene-only tinctures, 1:1 Ready Blends, and high-strength cannabinoid gummies.

All of the tinctures come with spray caps except the 3000mg CBD oil, which has a dropper for precision dosing due to its strength. The milligrams of ingredients per spray or per gummy are listed on the packaging and it is recommended that you start low and go slow, building up according to your needs. Keeping a journal can also help you track improvements more precisely.

1. Full spectrum CBD: To start building a custom formula, one can use the brand’s 1000mg full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD (or their own favorite full or broad spectrum CBD oil), like a multivitamin. This base oil acts like an insurance policy, a daily balancing of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS)—which affects hormones, hunger, immunity, inflammation, pain, sleep, and more. Begin here and build up.

2. The Apothecary (single extracts of rare cannabinoids): Next, add one or more targeted cannabinoids to enhance specific mental or physical effects. For example, THCV turns off the CB1 receptor and acts like a stimulant, increasing energy and focus while reducing appetite. By contrast, CBN turns on the CB1 receptor and may promote relaxation and sleep. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary single extracts each contain 500mg of a rare cannabinoid: THCV, CBDV, delta-8 THC, CBN, CBG, CBC, or CBDA. Their extra-strength CBD oil contains 3000mg of CBD and can be used to boost CBD levels.

3. Terpene-only tinctures: Lastly, you have the option to add terpenes. Terpenes are oils found in hemp, cannabis, and other plants that, like cannabinoids, have unique effects as well as aromas. They are believed to be largely responsible for the unique feelings attributed to different strains of cannabis. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s terpene-only tinctures contain pure steam-distilled terpenes that are pre-combined for specific effects and can enhance one’s cannabinoid regime.


How might terpenes contribute to the ‘entourage effect’ of cannabis?

4. Ready Blends: Want an all-in-one option instead? These 1:1 blends can be taken alone or combined with other products. They are designed for those who want a ready-mixed, enhanced full spectrum CBD oil. They contain 250mg THCV, CBN, CBG, or CBC and 250mg full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD. 

5. Extra-Strength Gummies: Prefer edibles? Rare Cannabinoid Company recently added extra-strength gummies to their lineup. Each gummy contains 25mg THCV, 30mg CBN, 30mg CBG, or 30mg CBD. Given the large amount of cannabinoids in each gummy, they recommend combining half to one rare cannabinoid gummy—THCV, CBN, or CBG—with half to one CBD gummy or your personal favorite hemp or cannabis oil for the best effects. 

Popular combinations

Here are some popular combinations to get started with. They can all be taken with the brand’s Rare Hawaiian CBD or one’s own favorite full or broad spectrum oil. 

Energy / Appetite suppression: THCV + 3000mg CBD

Relaxation / Sleep: CBN +  Delta-8 THC* + Relax Terpenes 

Post-exercise / Relief blend: CBG +  CBDV + Relief Terpenes 

For low mood: CBC + THCV + Delta-8-THC* 

For nausea: CBDA + Delta-8 THC* + CBDV 

Re-create your favorite cannabis sativa effect: THCV + Delta-8 THC * 

What does each cannabinoid do?

To help you create your own bespoke formula, here’s a very brief breakdown of the mental and physical effects that each unique compound is believed to offer: 

THCV: Acts like a stimulant, increasing energy and suppressing hunger, shows promise in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, anxiety and panic attacks, and nicotine addiction.

CBN: May promote rest, relaxation, sleep, and is believed to be “more strongly sedative than other known cannabinoids,” especially when combined with delta-8 THC and relaxing terpenes.

Delta-8 THC: Relieves pain, inflammation, and nausea. Offers a more functional high than “regular” delta-9 THC with less risk of anxiety or paranoia. 

CBC: Best non-psychoactive cannabinoid for improving mood as it raises levels of the brain’s bliss chemical “anandamide.”

CBDA: Reduces nausea and may act like a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) in reducing inflammation.

CBD: Promotes stress resilience, a sense of calm, and may reduce inflammation from daily activities.

CBDV: May reduce inflammation and nausea and is being studied for use in people with autism spectrum disorder, muscular dystrophy, seizures, and other disorders. 

CBG: May offer relief from pain and inflammation and is being studied for use against many diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease

Relax Terpenes: Blend of myrcene, pinene, carene, limonene, and linalool designed to promote rest, relaxation, and sleep especially when combined with cannabinoids.

Relief Terpenes: Blend of pinene, limonene, linalool, caryophyllene designed to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress especially when combined with cannabinoids.

Need more help for serious ailments?

Due to FDA regulations around CBD, THC, and cannabinoids, Rare Cannabinoid Company cannot offer any advice regarding the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. However, they offer links to the latest scientific and medical research on each cannabinoid on their website and recommend patients talk to their physicians and do their own research.

For those seeking more personalized care, the website also has a directory of cannabinoid health advisors. The list is composed of independent physicians, nurses, and naturopathic doctors who have a history of success working with cannabis, hemp, rare cannabinoids, terpenes, and the company’s unique products. They have offices across the country and many offer telehealth and online video appointments.

While the company offers this useful resource, they make clear that they are not endorsing any specific advisor or care plan and have no access to patients’ records or appointments.

Inventing the cannabinoid apothecary

“When we speak to our customers and wholesale clients, so many of them say they’ve always dreamt of this concept. It’s exactly what they were looking for,” said CEO Dalgamouni, explaining the secret to the company’s success.

Rare Cannabinoid Company was established just as the pandemic began in early 2020. Amazingly, it flourished despite Hawaii’s restrictive lockdown and is now sold in more than 200 stores across the United States, by physician’s prescription in Brazil, and online.

Dalgamouni and company co-founder Jennifer Carlile also head up Hawaii’s most popular CBD brand, Hawaiian Choice. Established in 2017, all Hawaiian Choice’s luxury products are infused with real Hawaiian fruits, essential oils, or honey and their tinctures were some of the first to incorporate terpenes. 

Hawaiian Choice’s luxury products are infused with real Hawaiian fruits, essential oils, or honey and their tinctures were some of the first to incorporate terpenes.

“We knew that terpenes could greatly enhance the effects of CBD,” said Carlile. “Then, as more and more rare cannabinoids became available, our customers started asking us how to use them, too,” she said. 

While other brands were creating full spectrum CBD oils with slightly higher amounts of CBN, CBG, or THCV and adding melatonin, caffeine, L-Theanine, and other non-cannabinoid supplements, the Hawaiian Choice duo decided to go the opposite route. 

“With everything mixed together, we felt that customers wouldn’t know what was having a positive or negative effect on them,” said Carlile. 

Looking at other brands’ lab reports, they also realized that many alleged “THCV” or “CBDV” products actually contained almost no THCV or CBDV. Separately, some tests only showed raw ingredients, instead of the finished product, so there was no way of knowing what was actually in the items being sold. 

“We were shocked by the misleading labeling of so many products and realized there was a huge opportunity to create products that actually contained large amounts of single rare cannabinoids,” she said.

The brand focuses on clear and simple ingredient and milligram labeling as well as transparent third-party lab test results available online and by QR code. When comparing brands, Carlile encourages people to scrutinize lab reports, batch numbers, and double-check cannabinoid quantities by product weight. 

“We were shocked by the misleading labeling of so many products and realized there was a huge opportunity to create products that actually contained large amounts of single rare cannabinoids”

Having Hawaii’s abundant natural resources on their doorstep, it was a no-brainer to use Hawaiian CBD for their full spectrum base oil. The 1000mg Rare Hawaiian CBD tincture comes from hemp grown on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Haleakala, on Maui. Nourished by mineral-rich soil and the cool, up-country tropical climate, this Hawaiian hemp gives you premium quality only the island can provide.

“Our goal is to give people the tools to combine the highest-quality CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes according to their own personal needs,” said Carlile. 

Given the success of their tinctures, the company recently expanded the apothecary concept to include hemp gummies. Their high-strength CBN, CBG, THCV, and CBD gummies are the first powerful pure cannabinoid edibles designed to be mixed and matched with each other.

Stay tuned for the latest innovations as Rare Cannabinoid Company increases its product and customizable wellness offerings. 

“That’s why we started Rare Cannabinoid Company; after all, no one knows your body and how you feel better than you do,” she said.

*Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer:

Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.



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