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Cannabis Stock Bull Market?



Source: Marijuana Moment

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The New Cannabis Ventures Global Cannabis Stock Index surged this month, and it is now up 26% in 2024 after the first quarter. This is a lot more than the performance of the rallying S&P 500, which is up just over 10%.

The index review, linked below, discusses the largest monthly movers. The index had 21 members in Q1, and 18 rallied. Only one stock fell sharply. Four stocks rose by more than 50%. Here is the complete set of returns sorted from best to worst:


Those stocks that outperformed the index by more than 20% are highlighted in green, while those that underperformed by more than 20% are in red.

Three of the top 5 winners were MSOs, while the other two were Canadian LPs. The five weakest names were mainly ancillary names, with one biotech company. Three of the four ancillary names were cannabis REITs. With dividends, their total returns would be higher than their price returns.

Focusing on the top 5, each of which has traded publicly the entire time since the peak in early 2021, the stocks are down at least 75% since 2/10/21:

Trulieve, after more than doubling this year, has performed better than the Global Cannabis Stock Index, which has dropped 89%. While Cresco Labs is now slightly better, the other three are worse.

We continue to view cannabis stocks are very cheap relative to their historic valuations. The big driver recently has been the potential rescheduling, which could terminate 280E taxation if cannabis becomes Schedule 3. While this would be very positive, it’s not yet a done deal. Cannabis investors have also been excited about Florida potentially having adult-use on the ballot in November. Again, even if the Florida Supreme Court allows this (stay tuned!), it’s not clear that the voters will approve it (60% must approve). The most recent potential bullish news is that Canada may change its taxation. Again, this is not a done deal.

So, while the index is up and a few names are very strong, it’s not clear to us that cannabis stocks are in a new bull market after a terrible bear market from early 2021. It seems, for now, like a bounce. Equity offerings have nailed the stocks of the companies that have taken this path. Hopefully, we get some good news regarding 280E!

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