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CBD did not help people who got too high, study finds



Source: Marijuana Moment

CBD news and products keep coming at us all hot and heavy, Leafly Nation. 

In the last 30 days, scientists found a common CBD claim didn’t hold up, but cannabidiol did help with opioid withdrawal. 

CBD’s mainstreaming also continued with a major sports deal. Plus, we found some new gummies, capsules, and tinctures we like—even one from Travis frickin’ Barker.

Leafly rounds up everything from the last month that’s fit to post about America’s second favorite pot molecule (after THC). Get up to speed with this essential rundown below.

Top CBD news of November

‘CBD Does Not Reduce Negative Effects of THC in Cannabis.’ “Overall, our advice to people wanting to avoid the negative effects of THC is to use less of it,” said Philip McGuire, the study’s senior author.” [Laboratory Equipment]

Clinical Trial: CBD Dosing Reduces Anxiety, Improves Cognitive Performance [NORML]

Cannabis, menopause, and the endocannabinoid system. “I’ve seen patients throughout most of the hormonal transitions. And I have seen cannabis be very, very helpful,” said Dr. Genester Wilson-King. [Project CBD]

Review: Data Suggests Role for CBD in Managing Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms. “Growing evidence suggests that CBD may have the potential to reduce anxiety, pain, and insomnia with also some signals for reducing craving, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, and blood pressure.” [NORML]

Major League Baseball became the first major sports league to ink a sponsorship deal with a CBD company last month. On October 12, Charlotte’s Web became “The Official CBD of Major League Baseball.” The partnership coincides with the launch of the CBD company’s Charlotte’s Web SPORT- Daily Edge tincture, a broad-spectrum product (meaning that the extract contains a range of cannabinoids from the hemp plant, but no THC).

“The CEO of edibles company Wana Brands is ponying up $3 million to further cannabis and psychedelic research at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).” [TheGrowthOp]

Legendary goth-metal band Type O Negative has jumped on the CBD train. #SureWhyNot. Their signature Blackberry No. 1 tincture—a cute reference to their spooky scary 1993 single “Black No. 1”—dropped last week, in collaboration with Texas-based Whole Organix

Ever find yourself jonesing for CBD-infused, booze-free wine? You’re also in luck. This summer, Health Advance Group launched its collection of 66° wines. Last week, the company announced its intent to expand rapidly across this grand land of ours. Soon, no connoisseur of CBD-infused, booze-free wine will go unsatiated.

Cannabidiol (CBD) infused beverages are worth $2.83B in 2021 [Digital Journal]

How do you know if your CBD is legit? [Forbes]

What are the health benefits of CBD coffee? [Medical News Today]

CBD Statistics: How Many People Uses It, Demographics, & More (2022 Data Update). “26% of Americans are using CBD in 2022; 64% of CBD users use CBD for pain.” [CFAH]

Cannabidiol (CBD) in Food [Alabama Public Health]

CBD products Leafly loved this month

Barker Organic Gummies

I’m feeling this! Lord knows that celebrities have overrun the CBD market with branded gummies, tinctures, and more. But we gotta hand it to Travis Barker, the generously-tattooed drummer of the (recently-reunited) Blink-182: His broad-spectrum gummies rise above much of the competition. While the citrus-y “Recovery” variety imparted a mildly plastic-y aftertaste, both the Green Apple Matcha “Maintenance” gummy (10 mg CBD and 10 mg CBG) and the effective “Sleep” (10 mg CBD and 10 mg CBN) gummy boasted a full-bodied taste, and a pleasantly dense chewiness.

Infinite Focus capsules

Sometimes we want to take our CBD in capsule form: No sugar, no flavors, no mess. I recently came across this exciting line of products from Colorado’s Infinite CBD. The Focus products—also available in gummy and tincture forms—contain 18mg of CBD isolate (meaning the extract does not contain any other cannabinoids and 2mg of CBG). Most notably, the Focus products also contain 25 mg each of 5-HTP, a compound that research suggests may boost serotonin levels and in turn help individuals suffering from depression or anxiety. 

R+R Medicinals tinctures

The good folks at my local dispensary turned me on to this excellent Colorado brand. Their tinctures—made from a proprietary, certified organic strain of hemp—pack quite a punch: 2500 milligrams of CBD per one ounce bottle. That’s over 40 mg per dropper. (R+R offers lower-strength tinctures as well.) Bonus points: The R+R sweeties even throw in free shipping in the US. R+R sells their tinctures in both full-spectrum (up to 0.3% THC) and broad-spectrum varieties.

America’s best edibles for the holidays 2022

Our Leafly Danksgiving roundup tosses in some CBD edibles picks.

Other CBD reviews around the web

‘25 best CBD pills [Discover Magazine]

‘My favorite CBD products go on sale for Black Friday’ [Refinery29]


What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Better late than never, Congress just sent President Biden a cannabis research bill that’ll make it slightly easier to research THC and CBD. There’s tons of caveats, though. For example, scientists cannot study products actually in stores.

On November 1, Idaho will begin enforcing a ban of CBD and hemp products for pets. The policy has infuriated Idahoans, who, you know, want their pets to lead healthy, happy lives. I guess this is what they meant by “limited government?”

On October 21, Hong Kong officially outlawed CBD, putting it in the same category as heroin cocaine. In Hong Kong, that means up to seven years in prison. The policy will take effect in December.

CBD press releases and sponsored content

  • Rare Cannabinoid Company launches new delta-9 THC+CBC mood gummies [Leafly]
  • Take a dip in the Canna River [Leafly
  • These single-source CBD extracts let the plant shine [Leafly]
  • CBD for Weight Loss: Does It Really Work? 8 Brands We Recommend [Woman’s World]
  • 15 best CBD gummies for sex. [LA Weekly]

And that’s it for Leafly’s monthly novel CBD news roundup. It’s busy out there. We’ll keep an eye on the topic and see you next month for more.

Did CBD ever help you with being too high? Leave a comment below.



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