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Celebrate the holidaze with Verilife, Illinois



Source: Marijuana Moment

Stop in this season for big deals on brands like P3, Magnitude, and matter. 

‘Tis the season once again, and Verilife is here to make your holiday season even better than the last. They’ve got a massive selection of top brands that any cannabis lover would be thrilled to see under their tree, and at incredible prices to boot. Verilife is offering huge discounts on brands like matter., P3, and Magnitude at all of their Illinois locations, and that’s not all. VeriVIP members can receive double points on all their orders until the end of the year. How’s that for a holiday bonus? 

In addition to their everyday discount and low prices, this December, Verilife is celebrating another year of providing great cannabis products with the Happy Holidaze Sweepstakes. All you need to do to enter is head into any participating Verilife location to receive your free Holidaze scratch card. These cards can contain big discount coupons, free items, or even gift card giveaways. The promotion lasts until 12/31, so make sure to take advantage of this generous sweepstakes and try your luck!

Verilife is one of the biggest suppliers of cannabis flower, oils, concentrates, gear, and merchandise in the United States. They’ve been consistently rated as one of the most popular dispensaries year after year, and between their gigantic stocks and knowledgable, friendly budtenders, it’s easy to see why. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlight offerings that Verilife has in store this holiday season and see why Verilife is Illinois’ source for an abundance of holiday cheer.

matter. Banana Milkshake flower

Even though this strain’s name and flavor might bring to mind ice cream trucks and tropical beaches, trust us, this strain is perfect for the holiday season. This potent indica-leaning hybrid leads with a robust, fruity flavor that tapers into a smooth, luxurious vanilla and finishes with notes of cherry. 

Banana Milkshake’s pedigree is a veritable fruit salad, with famous names like Banana OG, Cherry Pie, and Strawberry Diesel contributing to Banana Milkshake’s unique terpene profile. Smoking Banana Milkshake induces a warm, comfortable body high, ideal for curling up with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a holiday movie marathon. Head to your local Verilife and get stocked now. 

P3 Wilson We Need More Mangoes infused 1g pre-roll

It’s the season of giving, and P3 knows that weed is best when it’s shared. P3—which stands for Puff, Puff, Pass—specializes in producing high-quality pre-rolls in unique, lesser-known strains, like Wilson We Need More Mangoes, perfect for passing around the circle or handing out as party favors.

Wilson We Need More Mangoers is a serious strain with a silly name, packed with citrus terpenes that produce a delightful tropical aroma. Descended from Banana OG and Papaya #3, Wilson We Need More Mangoes is just the pre-roll you need to escape the dark depths of winter and mentally travel to a sundrenched beach. Once you team up with P3, all you’ll need to do is relax, listen to the surf, and let your troubles melt away. 

matter. 2:1:1 CBN Lunaberry gummies

A heavenly mix of THC, CBD, and CBN, these Lunaberry gummies from matter. are perfectly formulated to help you unwind. With 10mg THC, 5mg CBD, and 5mg CBN, these gummies have just enough potency to help you unwind. Take one after work and feel your troubles ease, or take one before bed and effortlessly drift off to sleep. The small amount of CBN sets these gummies apart from the rest of the pack, adding an extra element of calming relaxation to each bite. matter.’s unique Lunaberry flavor is a complex blend of various fruit and flower elements, a delicious concoction that must be tried to be believed. Stock up at Verilife so you can stuff your friend’s stockings with these delicious treats.

Magnitude Super Lemon Haze 1g vape cartridge

One of the most famous and beloved strains the world over, Super Lemon Haze is now available from Magnitude in a delicious, live terpene vape cartridge. If you’re unfamiliar, Super Lemon Haze is a giant of the weed world, a sativa-dominant hybrid descended from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This strain helps you dial in, supercharging creativity and focus, making it a favorite of the curious and the artistic since it emerged on the scene.

Magnitude has faithfully translated the famous diesel and citrus flavors of Super Lemon Haze flower into this cartridge, nailing all the subtle notes that made SLH the phenom it is today. Pick up this full ram live terpene cartridge from Verilife today and see where Magnitude and Super Lemon Haze can take you. 

matter. 1:4 CBD Sour Apple gummies

These delightful gummy bites from matter. are your secret weapon against all of the holiday chaos and stress. Each gummy is loaded with 5mg THC and 20mg CBD, a ratio specifically formulated to help you relax without losing yourself. These bites are a treat for your tastebuds as well as a balm for your nerves; each piece is loaded with a whole orchard’s worth of delectable, crisp flavor. A moment to breathe in the midst of all the hustle and bustle can be yours with these gummies from matter. Find them at your local Verilife and give your worries a break. 

That great selection is only the tip of the Verilife iceberg; click the link below to find the Verilife location nearest you and start the holiday savings. 


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