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Dosidos weed products in Canada



Source: Marijuana Moment

Another year is about to wrap, and while the weirdness that was 2020 still dominated 2021, life is starting to feel a bit more familiar. One thing that hasn’t wavered despite the ongoing pandemic—selecting our annual Leafly Strain of the Year.

This yearly tradition, where we take all of the data accumulated over the past 365 days and analyze it to determine the best and most coveted strain, gives us a much-needed sense of normalcy.   

We’re thrilled to announce Dosidos (also known as Dosi) as the 2021 Strain of the Year.

Consumers love this pungent, indica-heavy hybrid for its calming effects, with 84% of Leafly customers saying it makes them feel relaxed and others reporting feelings of euphoria and sleepiness. This cultivar has impressive trichomes and lavender, lime green-coloured foliage. 

Dosidos looks good, smells even better, and offers a unique and memorable experience. It’s no surprise that Dosi gets to join the ranks with past winners like Runtz (2020), Wedding Cake (2019) and Gelato (2018).

To celebrate this year’s winner, we’ve rounded up some Dosidos weed products available in Canada to explore.


By: Weed Me

Dose: THC, 22-26%, CBD, 0-1%

Dosidos by Weed Me is an indica-dominant hybrid with loads of terpenes and THC potency potential. The strain is a cross of GSC and Face Off OG and has a minty, sweet flavour with a skunky, fruity, finish. The sticky buds shine bright with clear trichomes and light amber pistils.

Dosidos Shatter

By: Dymond Concentrates

Dose: THC, 73-85%

Pound-for-pound, Dymond Concentrates’ Dosidos shatter is hard to beat. Bud for this concentrate is grown in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley and extracted using a hydrocarbon approach. Expect similar flavour profiles as the flower, but a more intense experience overall. The sweet scent is topped off with fresh lime and pine flavour.

Secret Formula


Dose: THC, 22-28%, CBD, 0-1%

WINK uses a combination of Dosidos and White Fire #43 for its Secret Formula. The marrying of the two strains makes for a potent flavour profile with unmistakable earthy and citrus notes. Secret Formula has a 3.5% terpene content, including limonene and a peppery, gassy punch of caryophyllene.


By: Ignite

Dose: 21%

Feeling lazy and wishing someone would just roll one for you? Ignite’s got you covered with their Dosidos pre-rolls, boo. They also sell flower if you prefer to roll your own. Dosidos by Ignite is a pungent delight showcasing terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Sweet and skunky, with dense buds and an exotic appearance, this cultivar is the definition of dank.

Cocoa Bomba

By: Spinach Cannabis

Dose: THC, 22-29%, CBD, 0-1%

Looking for something to satiate your sweet tooth? Spinach Cannabis’ Cocoa Bomba might just do it. It may not be purely Dosidos, but this related cultivar is bred by crossing the Leafly Strain of the Year with Lava Cake. The result offers a sweet, earthy aroma, with a chocolatey twist. Cocoa Bomba is caked in frosted trichomes with a robust terpene profile, featuring limonene, linalool, and myrcene.

Dosi Pie

By: Tenzo

Dose: THC, 18-24%, CBD, 0-1%

What do you get when Dosidos and Red Velvet Pie make a baby? DoSi Pie, of course. Tenzo has married the two to create a strain that’s b- and a-pinene terp-forward, producing a familiar Christmas tree-like aroma with undertones of chocolate and spice. And at 2-4% terpenes, this cultivar is a treat for the senses.


By: Habitat

Dose: THC, 20-25%, CBD, 0-1%

Like Cocoa Bomba, Cake by Habitat will be appreciated by any dessert lover. The brand describes its profile as “warm baked goods and fresh fruit,” which can be attributed to the limonene and caryophyllene-forward terpenes found in this Dosi and Mandarin Sunset hybrid.

Peanut Butter Breath

By: Carmel Cannabis

Dose: THC, 20-26%

Peanut Butter Breath has undeniable flavours of nuts and chocolate when smoked. Like others on the list, this strain is for anyone who appreciates an indica-forward high and wants to achieve said effects in the tastiest way possible. Carmel Cannabis offers this strain in pre-rolls and regular dried flower.


By: Tribal

Dose: THC, 24%

Quebec-based Tribal grows its flower indoors at low temperatures, hang-dries and slow-cures it in curing barrels, and then hand trims it. This yields impressive buds, including its Dosi, which has earthy, woody, and lemon aromas. Tribal packages Dosidos into both 3.5g and 5g pre-roll sets for easy consumption.

CBN Dosidos x Purple Punch 510 Thread Cartridge

By: Northbound Cannabis

Dose: THC, 45-51%, CBD, 0-2%, CBN, 20-28%

The Northbound Cannabis CBN vape is a high-CBN (20-28%) formulation using an indica-dominant hybrid inspired by Slurricane. The cultivar used for extraction is a cross of Dosidos and Purple Punch.

The vape has a sweet citrus-berry flavour, with a creamy aroma that focuses on terpenes. Formulated at MediPharm Labs, the concentrate uses refined CBN material and individually sourced terpenes to create a unique product.



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