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Get sweet on the Cereal Milk strain—February 2023’s Leafly HighLight



Source: Marijuana Moment

America’s cannabis flower lovers, get into the Valentine’s Day mood: Grind yourselves up a bowl of mouth-watering Cereal Milk this February. 

All across the country, Cereal Milk keeps things sweet, creamy, and just a little bit naughty—making Cereal Milk the perfect Leafly HighLight for this month of romance.

Cereal Milk has 352 reviews and an average score of 4.6 out of 5 thanks not only to its namesake smell and taste, but also the relaxing, giggly, and arousing effects it produces.

We’re highlighting Cereal Milk not just because the surging strain ranks as one of the top-200 most available flavors in the US. Cereal Milk consistently scores high for arousal among modern hype cultivars. Dig into the reviews yourself: Folks sing its praises to replace Viagra or help with specific bedroom maneuvers.

“I’m a connoisseur with over 35 years of daily smoking. This is the absolute perfect bud,” said one reviewer.

Leafly reviewers report body effects, focus, happiness, creativity, big flavor, relaxation, hunger, and more. All that aligns with romance.

“Feels like a waterfall is pouring into your chest, in the best way,” said another.

“I feel like a worm. I’m okay though, I like the food snacks.”

Medical patients also report significant relief with Cereal Milk. The high THC and terpenes can cause euphoria—feelings of well-being that can lessen anxiety, depression, and stress. High-THC strains can reduce muscle spasms or migraines, patients report. 

“I suffer from RLS or Restless Legs Syndrome and this helps a LOT!!”

How much does Cereal Milk cost?

Farmers grow Cereal Milk as a commodity crop in freer markets, like the West Coast and the medical marijuana wild west of Oklahoma. But it remains a high-end splurge in restrictive, new markets out East. 

For example, growers mass-produce Cereal Milk for $4 per gram of retail flower in Oregon and Oklahoma. By contrast, New Yorkers still pay $55 for 3.5 grams for small buds of flower, and $95 for a 1-gram cartridge. As flower prices collapse, value-added products like hash shine. America’s finest artisans pump out $35 grams of Cereal Milk live rosin in Oklahoma, and $71 grams of Cereal Milk rosin in Colorado.

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Cereal Milk average US dispensary prices

Low-grade Mid-grade High-grade
1 gram of flower $4 $9 $15
3.5 grams of flower $20 $45 $65
1 gram cartridge $24 $44 $65


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Cereal Milk seeds

Cereal Milk combines The Y and Snowman, both of which boil down to GSC and Cherry Pie cultivars.

“The real Y Life brings so much flavor,” said Cookies founder, Berner, in a 2022 video. “That’s what made Gary [Payton] the Gary, it’s what made Cereal Milk the Cereal Milk. … That Y brings something super special to the table.”

Authentic Powerzzzup seeds will debut on the Cookies Seed Bank soon. Beyond that source, make sure to research reputable sellers. Exotix Genetix has Quikz, and Neptune Seed Bank has crosses from Envy and Wolf Pack. Elev8 has the most Cereal Milk crosses—we’d try White Blizzard or CapNKush. CopyCat Genetix also has S1s. Reports also indicate Cereal Milk sells in clone form for hundreds, or thousands of dollars.


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Cereal Milk awards

The GSC and Cherry Pie inside Cereal Milk alone have taken countless cannabis awards. Cereal Milk has won at least three awards in recent years from Amsterdam to Southern California.


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Cereal Milk terpenes

Though you can’t fully attribute Cereal Milk’s creamy, fruity, sugary smell to its terpenes, or dominant aroma molecules, it’s a good place to start. Lab tests for samples labeled Cereal Milk tend to have caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and pinene listed as the most dominant terpenes—pretty typical for similar so-called ‘exotic’ strains like Gelato #41.

Other highlights this February

Cereal Milk missing from your city? Other indica hybrids from the Cookies and Cakes family also score well for love. Here are three more strains with strongly arousing effects, as reported by our readers.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Jet Fuel Gelato might rank as the horniest hype strain on current dispensary menus. It’s grown all over the US and debuted several years ago. We’ve got dozens and dozens of reviews that attest to the strain’s diesel, violet, flowery smell and taste, and arousing effect. Our reviewers get a little T.M.I. in the effects on this cross of Compound Genetics cross of Jet Fuel x Gelato. We’ll have more on JFG next week closer to V-Day.

Banana Runtz

Not to be confused with Symbiotic Genetics Banana Punch—Solfire Gardens’ Banana Runtz gives off strong arousing signals, based on Leafly reviews. It’s a hybrid of Banana OG x Runtz that can taste like tropical tree fruit and tobacco. The oldest reviews of Banana Runtz are from 2021 and it’s bubbling up in stores. “I can’t even stay mad at my boyfriend after I take a puff of this,” one reviewer wrote.

Red Velvet

After you’ve seen every Cereal Milk, Gelato, and Runtz out there, go to the next level with Red Velvet bred by Lit Farms. This fresh hybrid of Lemon Cherry Gelato x Pina Acai smells like rose, lavender, and other flowers to our reviewers. Red Velvet’s main effect is arousal, plus a tingly uplift. “Strongly recommended for date night,” said one January 2023 review. 

May the hot fires of passion warm your cold winter, Leafly Nation. We’ll see you next month for another HighLight.

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