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Give your pets the LUXEARI they deserve with Pet Drops



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October 29, 2021

With the same standards that you’d have for yourself, LUXEARI extends its quality products to our furry friends. 

We care a lot about our pets and as such, we want only the best for them. Knowing that pet care is big business, too many brands hawk products with big claims, and it can be hard to know who’s really got our pet’s best interests at heart. The hemp market is a prime example: Like Portlandia’s Put a Bird on It, it seems many companies just figure they can put some CBD in it. Shelves are stocked with too many products that make big promises yet come up short on delivery when it comes to our pet’s wellbeing.

However, many pet owners do report seeing big benefits from CBD in the quality of their pets’ lives, so it’s no wonder caring pet owners are on the search for effective products.


The science of CBD and cannabis for cats and dogs

Trusted, transparent, tried-and-true

Enter LUXEARI and their Pet Drops tincture. With over a decade of experience, LUXEARI was founded with the mission to bring increased transparency standards into the hemp world. Laser-focused on quality ingredients, they’re on a mission to create premium, small-batch products that make our lives better.

Controlling their entire supply chain—from the sun-grown hemp on their Rocky Mountain farm to the product development process led by in-house experts—they know exactly what’s going in their products, and it’s always up to the highest standards. You can rest assured that LUXEARI products—yes, even those for animals—are third-party lab tested and certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, the gold standard in the industry for consumer confidence and truth in labeling. There are no heavy metals or solvents. Products are herbicide- and pesticide-free. 

Human tested, pet approved

When it comes to pets, LUXEARI knows they’re developing products for our furry family members and cut no corners. The bulk of pet CBD products contain a mere 100 MG of CBD—a fraction of an effective dose. LUXEARI includes a very intentional 400 MG of cannabinoids per bottle, making sure animals actually get a beneficial dose. If you’re worried that your lap dog might be too little, don’t be—just like humans and vitamins, any excess amount comes out safely with bathroom breaks.


Slippery Moisturizer will take your self-care to new heights

Even more impressive is that LUXEARI uses a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, including both CBD and CBG, in their Pet Drops formula, meaning your pet receives the full benefit of the entourage effect. Pet Drops contain no corn, gluten, dairy, salt, soy, starch, sugar, wheat, or yeast, making the product suitable for almost any animal’s diet. Because the tincture is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, it meets the highest quality & safety standards, and you’re left with no doubt that LUXEARI follows the best processing practices in the business. 

Easy to use for all your pets

Originally crafted with cats and dogs in mind, LUXEARI reports that animal lovers have been seeing benefits in a whole host of other wildlife, including horses and sea life. With nothing more than high-quality hemp and pure MCT oil included in the tincture, there is no lack of versatility in how you can feed it to your animals. In food? Great. Straight from the dropper? Also works. Mixed in with water? Sure thing.

Using Pet Drops means you don’t waste any time or money on a product that Fido just doesn’t want. You can experiment with your animal’s preferred delivery method and run (or trot or swim) with it. With such premium ingredients, your pet will feel spoiled getting their daily dose.

So, whether you’re looking to support a young pet’s growth or an older pet’s comfort with walking, standing, or sitting, reach for a hemp product specifically crafted with them in mind. 

The Pet Drops tincture is designed to give your animals more energetic days, calmer nights, and an overall healthier lifestyle—all we’d ever want for our best friends. Head to to pick up a bottle.



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