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How helloMD makes getting a medical card easy



Source: Marijuana Moment

Friendly doctors & reliable cannabis experts are just a few clicks away.

Getting access to quality medical cannabis shouldn’t be overwhelming. Many Americans in states like Pennsylvania who are interested in exploring medical cannabis can be turned off by the perceived complexity of the approval process, or the confusion around the huge variety of cannabis products available. If that sounds like you, helloMD is here to help.

Leafly readers save $25 on approval when you sign up for a medical card with helloMD.

HelloMD is one of the premier sources for medical marijuana cards in the United States, assisting more than a quarter of a million patients in the US and Canada to access cannabis to date. Their simple, efficient process sets prospective patients up with a telehealth appointment with friendly, trained medical professionals in as little as five minutes. These medical professionals and the team at helloMD guide clients through the process of getting approved and finding cannabis products that work best for each individual.

Click the button below to start the medical card process, or keep reading to learn more about helloMD and how it all works.

The story of a migraine

HelloMD began because of a headache. A migraine, specifically. In 2014, one of the founders of the telehealth service that would become helloMD turned to cannabis to treat the persistent migraines she had been experiencing for a number of years.

In those days, the medical market was still in its infancy, and the process of getting approved for a medical card could be time-consuming and difficult—even in pioneering states like California and Washington. Underground clinics and doctors without much investment in the healing powers of cannabis were extremely common.

This was the experience of this helloMD co-founder when she sought to get approved for a medical card. Her frustrations led her and her colleagues to shift the focus of helloMD towards helping those interested in medical cannabis to find the right professionals and resources. The vision and dedication of the early founding team continue to inform the helloMD process and mission today, more than a decade later. As a result, they have grown to become one of the leading providers of medical cannabis cards in the United States and Canada.

HelloMD serves states where recreational cannabis is legal, like Illinois, and Pennsylvania, where cannabis prohibition outside of medical use still stands (helloMD also serves many other states across the country). Even as the legal situation involving cannabis continues to evolve across the United States, helloMD continues to offer customers access to simple medical card approval.

The doctors are in

HelloMD’s commitment to the highest quality customer service puts the company head and shoulders above the competition. In contrast to many facets of the traditional healthcare industry, helloMD puts patient time at a premium, ensuring quick service and exceptional responsiveness. Patients can book online appointments in as little as five minutes.

HelloMD’s commitment to top-shelf customer experience extends to the medical professionals with whom they partner. These healthcare workers are, without exception, prompt, polite, and knowledgeable, with a keen interest in helping patients experience the relief provided by cannabis. Over the course of a quick telehealth appointment, they guide people of all cannabis experience levels through the various benefits of cannabis.

With helloMD, the medical card process doesn’t end with approval. Once patients have approval for a medical cannabis card, helloMD offers ongoing contact with their team of in-house cannabis experts, via telephone or online chat. These cannabis professionals have a breadth of knowledge regarding strains, cannabinoids, methods of consumption, and more to help helloMD customers find the cannabis products that best suit their wellness needs.

How to get a medical card in Pennsylvania

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, all you need to do to get started is click this link.

You’ll fill out a few quick forms with information about yourself and your medical history. Then, once you pay the affordable approval fee, you’ll be set up with an online consultation.

Your conversation with the helloMD healthcare provider will last around 15 minutes. You’ll know if you’ve been approved at the end of the consultation. If it turns out that you aren’t approved, for whatever reason, helloMD will refund 100% of your payment.

Your medical card will arrive in the mail about a week later. In the meantime, you can consult with helloMD’s cannabis experts to learn what cannabis products are right for you. You can also head to to read through their well-researched, informative content and frequently asked questions.

When your card comes, you’re ready to head to your nearest licensed dispensary to put all of your research and helloMD’s recommendations into practice. And, if you find you need more guidance, the cannabis experts at helloMD are just a phone call away.


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