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How to get the most out of these five unique strains by Royal Queen Seeds



Source: Marijuana Moment

Add something special to your grow this season with the Queen’s own

Another growing season is just around the corner, and intrepid cannabis cultivators across the nation are already planning the coming harvest. Growers who are looking to explore the best that cannabis has to offer need look no further than Royal Queen Seeds, the European seed bank that’s making waves on American shores.

Royal Queen Seeds has a huge roster of seeds but among their extensive lineup, there are five standout strains that you can only find from them. These five unique strains, El Patron, Shogun, Cookies Gelato, Special Queen 1, and Triple G, are proven hits all over the world, and they are now available for American growers for the first time. 

We recently checked in with Royal Queen Seeds and took a tour through the Amsterdam coffeeshops where they got their start. Before that, we examined how RQS is advancing the field of cannabis growing with their F1 hybrid seeds, helping to push the cutting edge of cannabis. Now, to round out our series, we’ll take a look at how these unique RQS seeds help set the brand apart. We’ll explore what makes these seeds special, and even provide some horticultural hot tips. Let’s jump in!

Royal Queen Seeds El Patron

Der chef. De baas. El Patron goes by many names, but one thing is certain for this champion strain, it’s absolutely the boss. El Patron claimed victory at the prestigious High Life Cup, winning the “Common Weed Cultured in Soil” category and earning a place amongst the true legends of cannabis. That was back in 2019, and the legend of El Patron has only grown in the meantime.

El Patron is the descendant of sativa-dominant AMG and indica-like Shiva, a powerful pedigree that combines the best of both worlds, with a slight bias towards the sativa side. This makes El Patron a shockingly versatile strain, equally at home in a meditative personal moment or a social soiree.

If you like to bake with cannabis, then you’ll find that El Patron is as reliable a partner for your bakes as your rolling pin; the dank citrus aroma will enhance your sweets and deepen the delicious flavors. 


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RQS reports that El Patron is relatively straightforward to grow and takes well to both indoor and outdoor environments. However, the strain’s indica genetics show through in its horizontal, occasionally chaotic growth patterns. Don’t worry though; keep your shears handy and keep on top of your topping, and El Patron will reward you with potent, beautiful buds. With a little care, El Patron will be the best boss you’ve ever had. 

Royal Queen Seeds Shogun

Named for the mighty rulers of ancient Japan, Shogun is a powerful sativa that demands respect. Shogun is descended from Royal Queen Seeds’ Royal Gorilla strain, a monstrously potent hybrid, and Amnesia Haze, the famous, mind-clearing sativa that has helped artists and adventurers get in touch with their creativity for decades. The visionary breeders at Royal Queen Seeds took these two distinct lineages and fused them to open up a brand new frontier for Shogun to conquer.

Shogun is lightning made green. Smoking a bowl of this strain will supercharge your mind, helping you access the flow state and dial in. You’ll find that you can focus for long periods, knocking items off your to-do list left and right.

Shogun is also a favorite amongst those who use cannabis medicinally and athletes who incorporate cannabis into their workouts, who report enhanced enjoyment of exercise and reduced physical discomfort. 


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Shogun will perform admirably in indoor grows, but due to its resource-intensive growing needs, the strain will be a bit happier outdoors. No matter where you decide to plant your Shogun seeds, make sure the soil is well-fertilized, and you’ll be ready to harvest in between two and three months. Healthy outdoor Shogun plants can yield up to 26.5 oz of flower, enough to keep your mind as sharp as a samurai sword for all the battles to come. 

Royal Queen Seeds Cookies Gelato

Do you have a sky-high tolerance? Are you tired of wasting your money on more and more weed just to get a buzz? Do you long for weed that makes you feel that electric, all-consuming high that reminds you of your very first joint? The master breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have you covered. Cookies Gelato is just the strain you’ve been waiting for.

The scion of two legendary strains, GSC and Gelato 33, Cookies Gelato can produce buds with an absolutely absurd 28% THC content. That makes Cookies Gelato one of the most potent strains available anywhere in the US, a true monument to the ingenuity of the team at Royal Queen Seeds.


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Cookies Gelato brings the best out of its two lineages, resulting in a balanced hybrid that relaxes the body and frees the mind to contemplate the higher mysteries. The strain’s sugary aroma is one of the most potent amongst the RQS roster, a treat for the true cannabis aficionados who will appreciate the complex terpenes.  

Cookies Gelato is a strain that takes well to being grown indoors, with a shorter growing cycle and a respectable 21.2 oz yield. If you find that Cookies Gelato’s ridiculous potency agrees with you, you can increase that yield by using Low-Stress Training (LST) techniques. With high yields and high potency, there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge your sweet tooth and start growing Cookies Gelato today. 

Royal Queen Seeds Special Queen 1

Developed with new growers in mind, Special Queen 1 is a strain designed from the ground up to be the perfect introduction to the world of cannabis growing. Affordable, adaptable, and reliable, Special Queen 1 is a near-perfect 50/50 hybrid descended from Skunk and Power Bud. These are two “entry-level” strains, and their descendant Special Queen 1 is similarly straightforward, without too much potency and a classic, dank aroma that even beginners can appreciate. 

Neophyte growers can easily get overwhelmed by the seemingly complex growing process and the large amount of jargon experienced breeders use. Special Queen 1 is the antidote to these common anxieties, performing well in nearly any growing situation you can imagine.

Indoor or outdoor, soil or hydro, Special Queen 1 will grow big, beautiful buds without a large investment in time or equipment. Provided it receives an adequate amount of sunlight, an outdoor Special Queen 1 plant can grow up to a titanic 3 meters tall and will produce a bountiful yield in roughly two months. 


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Royal Queen Seeds created Special Queen 1 to spread the craft of growing, and as such, SQ1 is by far one of the most affordable cannabis seeds available anywhere. You can purchase a single Special Queen 1 seed from RQS for little more than the change found between your couch cushions. There’s no excuse; take the first step on your growing journey with Special Queen 1 today.

Royal Queen Seeds Triple G 

One of the brightest jewels in Royal Queen Seeds’ crown, Triple G is a top-of-class indica-hybrid that effortlessly distinguishes itself from the pack. Descended from two strains that belong on the Mount Rushmore of cannabis in their own right, Green Gelato and Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds’ in-house cultivars of Gelato 33 and GG4, respectively) Triple G stands on equal footing with its genetic forebearers and may even surpass them in your estimation. 


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With an average of 26% THC, Triple G is not for the faint of heart. Its high potency and deep, chocolatey flavor make it a popular choice with experienced cannabis consumers with a well-developed tolerance and those who consume cannabis to mitigate insomnia or chronic pain. Triple G is also a favorite amongst extract producers, who cotton to the strain due to its tendency to produce buds coated in thick layers of trichomes and frosty resin. Consumers report that Triple G makes for a surprisingly active and mentally stimulating indica-like, so those who are prone to cannabis-induced anxiety should exercise caution. 

Triple G tends to spread out wide instead of growing all that tall, a lucky break for those dealing with limited space. However, this predilection leads Triple G to produce a thick upper canopy, so make sure to prune regularly to ensure the lower leaves have adequate light. Triple G does great in both indoor and outdoor environments and will flower in eight to nine weeks. 

It may be hard to believe, but that impressive lineup of unique strains was only the tip of the Royal Queen Seeds iceberg. They’ve got dozens more award-winning seeds for you to explore on their website, where you can shop their huge selection of autoflowering, feminized, and high-CBD strains. While you’re there you can also read their blog, check out the user reviews, or find out more about the RQS story. You can also follow them on Facebook, X/Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with all the exciting new innovations that the team at RQS has in store. 

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