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OGeez! has a gummy for every pocket



Source: Marijuana Moment

Arizona’s favorite edibles are packed with tasty options.

Don’t leave home without your cannabis! OGeez! are a must-have for anybody’s bag, with ultra-portable gummies straight from one of the first scratch-made edibles kitchens in Arizona. The company has been part of the state’s cannabis scene in one form or another for the better part of a decade and has a reputation for the tastiest edibles anywhere in the Grand Canyon State.

Taste isn’t all they have going on. You’d be hard-pressed to find higher-quality gummies; each hand-poured treat is made from scratch, fully infused with premium THC extract (never sprayed), free of chemicals and solvents, and full-panel tested for potency and purity. The flower used in their extracts is grown in organic soil with only natural additives and no chemical pesticides or herbicides. But that made-with-love flavor is all anyone can talk about—it’s just that good.

OGeez! started with founder and cannabis advocate Peggy Noonan, and the edible infusion kitchens she launched back in 2014 with the goal of creating superior-tasting goodies for the medical cannabis community—and the hope that a broader range of people could benefit from the healing power of cannabis. Her high standards are still the company’s driving ethos, making OGeez! a beloved fixture of Arizona’s cannabis scene.

The accurate dosing, incredible taste, and long shelf life make them an ideal sidekick for whatever you have going on. Here’s a tour of their tasty options for adding a little flavor to your life.

The Creams

Was the Creamsicle your go-to at the ice cream truck? Are blackberries your fruit of choice for smoothies? These gummies layer delicious fruit flavor with rich cream for a nostalgic-tasting treat, available in orange or blackberry. Choose your favorite flavor along with your choice of indica or sativa THC extract.

The Fruits

Experience a burst of juicy flavors with The Fruits gummies from OGeez! Their signature Raspberry-Orange flavor is a fan favorite, combining a sweet berry taste with a citrus kick, but you can also take a mini island vacation with the Tropical pack, which adds Guava, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Pineapple to the mix. If you’re looking for something with a sweet, summer vibe, Watermelon is a big crowd-pleaser. Look forward to a pure, refreshing watermelon flavor.

All of The Fruits gummies are available in both indica and sativa, and in two different potencies.

The Ratio

THC and CBD share a beautiful friendship, and when they get together, they bring out the best in each other for a well-rounded, relaxing high. Scientists call it the “entourage effect” when multiple cannabinoids come together to create effects greater than the sum of their parts—and there is truly no more iconic duo than these two. CBD can bring balance to a psychoactive high, while THC can enhance and add some dimension to the calming effects of CBD. It’s a mellower high per gummy than others in the lineup, with each hybrid gummy containing 5mg each of CBD and THC.

Peg’s RSO: Full-spectrum goodness

Need a full-spectrum gummy? Rick Simpson Oil, also known as RSO, is an extremely potent, full-spectrum type of cannabis extract that evolved within the medical cannabis community in the early 2000s. In its purest form, typically dispensed via syringe for easier dosing, it can be used topically or as an edible, either straight or mixed in with something else delicious.


What is Rick Simpson Oil? Your complete guide to RSO

Peg’s Raspberry-Orange RSO Gummies, named for OGeez! founder Peggy Noonan, are hand-poured with this beloved type of extract for powerful effects that medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike will love. Clear 10mg dosing per gummy means there’s no having to eyeball a dose from a syringe, and the Raspberry Orange gummies have no bitter taste—just great flavor.

The Minis

Attention, microdosers and lightweights: The Tropical pack gummies are available in a 3mg dose. No more walking around with a half-eaten candy in your pocket or trying to evenly slice your stash—with The Minis you get reliable dosing tailored just for you. They may be small, but they have the same powerful flavor as their big siblings, with tons of fruit flavor jammed into each tiny package.

Special Editions

There’s always something new brewing at OGeez!, with a fresh new product for every season. Summer brought us a Piña Colada, with a pineapple-coconut flavor that tastes like the perfect beach day.

Sleep Edition

Just in time for cozy season, aka autumn, is a sleepy CBN treat that’s a brand-new edition to the OGeez! lineup and now a permanent fixture on their delicious roster. The Aquaberry-flavored gummies have a 2:1 ratio of THC and CBN designed to help you rest, chill, and relax.

Find the flavor

Craving that flavor? Make sure you follow OGeez! on social media to stay in the know about what they’re up to around town and which dispensaries are stocking them. That includes non-Arizona residents—there may be a little surprise for you coming soon!



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