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Star signs and cannabis strains: November 2021 horoscopes



Happy November, Star Gazers! It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost at its end. It’s been, to say the least, a tough and complicated year. Reflection might feel hard and maybe you’re not quite ready for it. That’s okay. This month offers itself as a respite between the new year and all that’s behind us. Tap into your gentleness and self-forgiveness.

Reconnect with friends. In fact, it’s a great time to have a green Friendsgiving. If you’re looking to be inspired, here’s a recipe for cannabis-infused turkey meatballs.

There is a new moon in Scorpio on November 4. This is the perfect time to break from tradition and do some self-discovery. Mercury saunters into Scorpio on November 5. There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. The month rounds out with Mercury entering Sagittarius on November

Your November Horoscope


Happy Birthday, Scorpio! The end of fall is near. Just a few weeks left to enjoy the crunchy leaves and crispy nights. On November 4, there is a new moon in your sign. Gorgeous, clear skies will give way to clear heads and clear communication.

On November 5, Mercury also enters your sign. All this celestial action in your sign will lead to an exciting and surprise-filled month for you. On November 19 there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus. Be daring in your art and in your love life! Squeeze the last drops of juice out of this season, Scorpio. It’s bound to be sweet.

November strain: Autumn is a great time for chilly walks. Take along a bud like Headband. Headband is a hybrid that medical patients love for its pain-busting effects that last a very long time. Recreational users report it has cerebral effects that are great for a boost of artistic energy.

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Happy Fall, Sag! It’s hard to believe, but the year is almost up. There’s no better time to take a break from life’s worries and focus inward. On November 4 there is a new moon in Scorpio — take all communication at face value. On November 5, Mercury enters Scorpio, too. Lots of action in Scorpio means lots of rational thinking — great for making financial planning for the new year.

Your ruler, Jupiter, is in direct motion this month. This bodes well for any personal development you want to attempt! Get out there and find your true north.  

November Strain: Autumn is a golden time — golden hour, golden leaves, the golden glow of a pumpkin spice candle. Why not really lean into that? Acapulco Gold is an uncommon sativa strain that would get some serious Michelin Stars if it were a restaurant.

Many believe this might be one of the best strains ever created. If you can find it, treat yourself!


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Happy November, Cap! It’s going to be a great month to turn inward and focus on what needs fixing in your house (metaphorically and literally). On November 4, there is a new moon in Scorpio. This is a great time for direct communication, particularly in business.

Your ruler, Saturn, is in direct motion all month. There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. Harness this power to say what you mean and mean what you say to everyone you encounter. Work on deciding what’s most important to you, and work on letting others know exactly what you need.

November strain: Sometimes, you just need to return to the basics. Skunk #1 is one of the most influential strains on the market. It’s a hybrid with a subtle pine-y taste and an energetic buzz. Medical users report this strain is great for busting up nausea and pain.


Happy Fall, Aquarius. 2021 is ending, and November offers itself as a month of respite from most of the outside world. It’s a great time to be a little indulgent and self-focused. On November 4, there is a new moon in Scorpio. Friends and lovers will be direct — don’t read anything into it. Intentions are good.

Your ruler, Uranus, is in direct motion this month. Personal growth is out there if you’re willing to look for it this month. On November 21, we enter Sagittarius season. On November 25, Mercury enters Sagittarius, too. All this Sag energy at the end of the month empowers you to be bold in your pursuit of self-truth.

Don’t shy away from the parts of you that feel dark. Embrace everything and true change is around the corner.

November strain: Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Conjure up the smells of the holiday with some Potato Runtz. This aptly named hybrid strain has round buds and an earthy taste. Users report it’s a great smoke at the end of a busy day.

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2021 is winding down, Pisces. As the finisher of the Zodiac you have a big responsibility to be reflective and offer others a full view of past — the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird. Before December approaches, it would be wise to take time for yourself. On November 4, there is a new moon in Scorpio. Take care to approach communication with an open heart — it will be direct.

You ruler, Neptune, is also in retrograde this month. This means you might be feeling a little disconnected from your beliefs, particularly spiritual beliefs. Don’t dwell on outside influences. On November 19, there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus. Harness all this Bull energy to get what you need from those around you.

If you need a vacation, ask. If you need a warm ear, ask. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable! On November 24, Mercury enters Sagittarius. The month will end with everyone else being more than willing to ask things of you, so don’t be afraid to ask for things in return.

November strain: Lean into the soft parts of yourself this month. Nurture your tender spirit with some Mochi. This hybrid strain has gorgeous flowers and users report that this bud is the perfect nighttime companion. Drift off to sleep with sweet dreams and happy thoughts this month.


It’s a beautiful fall, Aries. The season continues to deliver with a gorgeous new moon in Scorpio on November 4. This is a powerful pairing of celestial elements. A great time to try new things and be brave enough to get it wrong!

Your ruler, Mars, is in direct motion this month. Communication will be clear and concise throughout November. Take advantage of this clarity by expressing your inner most concerns to someone you trust. Free yourself of any emotional baggage that you can!

November strain: This month will be inspiring. A sativa strain like Sour Diesel can help you expand your mind and sharpen your creative process. Users report this strain is dreamy and fast acting — perfect for a day spent writing or painting.


Happy November, Taurus. Your ruler, Jupiter, is in direct motion this month. Great news for your inner growth and development. Sky is the limit this November. There is also a full moon and a lunar eclipse in your sign on November 19 — the perfect time to collect loose ends and tie them up!

On November 24, Mercury enters Sagittarius. As the month draws to a close, so too will any small grievances that have arisen in the last few weeks. Don’t hold on to what holds you back!  

November strain:  Don’t let the spooky name fool you, White Widow is one of the most well-known and adored strains around the world. This hybrid has been described by users as “Euphoric” with an earthy taste. As the sunshine dwindles, this is a great bud to spark up for a little fall walk in the woods (or around the neighborhood).

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What a beautiful, crisp autumn we are having, Gem! A great time to kick back and watch the trees shed their leaves. Now is a great time to come up with a personal mantra. Something to remind you all things eventually pass — good and bad. You’re already great at living in the moment, this month is the time to really hone in on that skill!

On November 5, Mercury (your ruler) enters Scorpio. Things might get a little dicey in the communication department. Don’t sweat it, this is short lived. Speaking of Mercury — it’s in direct motion this month! An opportunity to enjoy some predictability and stability.

On November 19, there is a full moon and eclipse in Taurus. Bold and direct conversations will reign supreme in your friend group. Try hard to take what everyone says at face value. Don’t take up precious headspace worrying about others’ hidden agendas. You will free up time for yourself!

November strain: As Lionel Richie would say, this month should be “Easy like Sunday Morning.” Speaking of Sunday Mornings, give yourself a relaxing end to the week with a strain like Mimosa. Mimosa is a hybrid with beautiful purple buds and loads of citrus flavors. Users report it’s a great daytime bud.


Happy November, Crab! The month kicks off with a delightful new moon in Scorpio on November 4. Dark night skies are great for pondering life’s bigger mysteries — even when your ruler is the moon! Speaking of the moon, there is a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Taurus this month on November 19. Enjoy bold communication and an energetic work-life balance.

On November 21, we enter Sagittarius season. You’ll be walking on the sunny side of the street until December. Remember to stop and crunch some leaves under your feet this month.

November strain: Autumn mornings are perfect for a little coffee and Biscotti. This hybrid strain is deceiving because the effects come on slow, but they’re super strong. Sweet on the tastebuds, this is the kind of flower you smoke only when you’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go. Sounds like a perfect day off!


Leo, it’s nearly 2022. Can you believe it? As the sun (your ruler) dwindles and the days become darker, you’ll probably have to work a little hard to find creativity in your day-to-day life. That’s okay. Tap into some other strong celestial pairing for inspiration — like the new moon in Scorpio on November 4. Clear, dark skies offer a chance to clear your mind.

The rest of the month presents the opportunity to do things a little differently. Get a little risky! Your ruler enters Sagittarius on November 21. Things will be looking bright. On November 24, Mercury also enters Sagittarius. This is the time to sign up for that dance class you’ve been thinking about or finish writing that novel that’s been collecting dust on the shelf. You are so much stronger than you know, Leo!

November strain: Eve got a bum rap in the creation story — Forbidden Fruit always tastes the best. Adam was just jealous she got to it first. Channel your inner Eve this month and be a little bad.

Forbidden Fruit is an indica with gorgeous green and purple buds and a terpene profile is earthy and sweet. Users report this is not the bud to smoke if you have a packed weekend planned. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Happy November, Virgo! The month kicks off with a new moon in Scorpio on November 4. A clear dark sky offers itself to you! Make the most of it by meditating on what you can clear from your mental cache — what grievances are best left in 2021? Now is the time to decide!

Your ruler, Mercury, is in direct motion all month. A nice reprieve from any tumultuous energy in your inner circle. Mercury enters Scorpio on November 5. There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. A powerful pairing for anyone looking to clarify communication in their lives. On November 21, we enter Sagittarius season. Fall will soon be in the rear-view mirror, Virgo. It’s time to figure out what you want to take with you in the new year.

November strain: Soon the mountains will be covered in snow. But you don’t have to wait until December to mentally hit the slopes. Roll up some Black Diamond and ski into a nice afternoon nap. This strain is powerful.

That said, users report it’s a great balance between sedating and energizing, especially for an indica. Either way, this is a great bud to smoke when you’ve scheduled a day of cleaning and organizing.

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Happy Autumn, Libra! It’s hard to believe, but this year is nearly over. November is a great time for a self-assessment. Kick things off under the new moon in Scorpio on November 4. The dark night skies are great for reflecting (don’t forget to bring your favorite bud with you). Your ruler, Venus, is in direct motion this month and enters Capricorn on November 5. Financial decisions will be clear and concise for multiple weeks. Small risks might have big gains down the road.

On November 21, we enter Sagittarius season. Shortly after, Mercury also enters Sagittarius on November 24. The third week of the month will be ripe for self-discovery. Maybe there is a secret artist in you? There’s only one way to figure it out … take that chance this month, Libra.

November strain: You’ll be ready to take off for some uncharted territory this month. Be sure to pack a little Jet Fuel for the trip. Jet Fuel, as the name implies, is an uplifting hybrid with a fruity taste profile. Users report this is a great daytime smoke.

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