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The best-rated weed dispensaries in Connecticut for 2023



Source: Marijuana Moment

Cannabis hasn’t been legal for long in Connecticut, but out of the 9 dispensaries available across the state, a few have already established impressive reputations since opening their doors in 2023. In a state where cannabis still feels brand new, these dispensaries are bucking the trend of growing pains and instead are creating a loyal customer base and community.

Whether you’re new to cannabis, or an experienced connoisseur looking for a new dispensary experience, Leafly did the math to find out what reviewers say are the very best dispensaries in Connecticut. Our newly updated Leafly List features the top dispensaries in Connecticut for 2023 based on dispensary reviews and ratings on


Connecticut’s top 10 cannabis strains

Highest-rated recreational dispensaries in Connecticut

Locals in Connecticut value dispensaries that put an emphasis on customer education, comfortable environments, and friendly staff.

  1. The Botanist – Danbury (Rec)
  2. RISE Dispensaries Branford – REC
  3. Fine Fettle – Manchester (Rec)
  4. Southern CT Wellness Dispensary Milford
  5. The Botanist – Montville
  6. Prime Wellness of Connecticut

105 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT — recreational

At The Botanist, it’s not just about procuring top-notch cannabis—it’s about being immersed in a community where every staff member feels like a friend. As soon as you enter, you’re greeted with smiles, humor, and unparalleled expertise, embodying an environment where questions are met with insightful answers, and visits feel more like catching up with old pals than mere transactions. The team effortlessly marries great service with a sense of camaraderie, creating a space that resonates with warmth and inclusion. The Botanist’s offerings cater to a wide spectrum of cannabis aficionados. With a growing selection tailored for recreational users, they ensure every preference is acknowledged and catered to. But it’s not just the variety that stands out—it’s the undeniable freshness and quality of their products that make every purchase worth it. Every facet of the experience at The Botanist is designed for perfection. Right from the efficient check-in process to the informative interactions with the staff, the journey is seamless. Even the security personnel enhance the experience, making visitors feel safe and valued. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a curious newcomer, The Botanist promises an experience that will not only meet but exceed expectations, every single time.

471 East Main St., Branford, CT — recreational

RISE Dispensary in Branford stands out as a beacon for both medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts. Those seeking top-tier products and an unmatched shopping experience need look no further. The dispensary boasts a diverse selection catering to a broad range of preferences, ensuring that each patron finds exactly what they’re looking for. Beyond the impressive inventory, the pricing remains competitive. What truly sets RISE Dispensary apart is the ambiance and the exemplary team. From the moment visitors step in, they’re welcomed into an atmosphere that balances professionalism with warmth. The staff, known for their friendliness and expertise, make every interaction feel personalized. Whether it’s a quick visit or an extended shopping session, customers can expect to be greeted with smiles, patience, and an unyielding commitment to customer service. Questions aren’t just answered at RISE; they’re welcomed. The staff’s willingness to provide information, guide choices, and ensure satisfaction reinforces the dispensary’s reputation as a hub of knowledge and service.

91 Hale Rd, Manchester, CT — recreational

Fine Fettle stands as a testament to what an impeccable cannabis dispensary should feel like. From the very first step inside, customers are greeted with an atmosphere that radiates warmth and genuine courtesy. It’s a place where every individual is acknowledged, valued, and treated with the utmost respect. But it’s not just about friendliness; it’s about expertise. Fine Fettle’s team prides itself on possessing deep product knowledge. They don’t just serve; they guide, answering questions with clarity and providing tailored suggestions to meet each customer’s unique needs. The striking balance between speed and personalized care ensures that every patron enjoys an efficient yet enriching shopping experience. Adding to Fine Fettle’s charm is its impressive inventory. Their broad selection ensures that all tastes are catered to, and the rewarding loyalty program is just the cherry on top. For those on the lookout for a cannabis store that genuinely ticks all the boxes, Fine Fettle is the name to remember.

318 New Haven Ave. Unit B, Milford, CT — medical

Southern CT Wellness and Healing has steadily built a reputation for being more than just a dispensary. It’s a community that warmly welcomes every individual, regardless of their level of familiarity with cannabis. Age is no barrier here; every patient, whether young or older, is treated with the same level of enthusiasm, respect, and expertise. From the moment you enter, there’s a palpable sense of genuine care and dedication to the well-being of each patron. The team at Southern CT Wellness and Healing has mastered the art of demystifying cannabis knowledge, making it digestible and beneficial for everyone. They don’t just provide information; they ensure it’s tailored, relevant, and actionable for each unique need. Efficiency is another hallmark of their service. For those switching from other dispensaries, the transition is made smooth. They offer advice, such as placing orders ahead of time, that translates to an incredibly streamlined and swift in-store experience. With an environment that’s both immaculate and cozy, even the briefest of visits feels comfortable and enriching. For those in search of a dispensary that embodies excellence in every facet, this is the destination to choose.

887 Norwich – New London Turnpike, Uncasville, CT — medical

The Botanist is an oasis if professionalism and warmth. From the moment you arrive, the ample parking space ensures a stress-free start to your experience. And once inside, the swift and efficient service ensures you’re attended to promptly, often within just ten minutes, making it an ideal stop even on a busy day. The entire staff at The Botanist consistently exudes a friendly, fun, and approachable attitude that transforms a routine shopping experience into a delightful encounter. Their dedication to ensuring every customer feels welcome is palpable, and it’s reflected in the warm, safe, and relaxed ambiance of the dispensary. Long-term patrons and newcomers alike are met with the same genuine kindness and consideration. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor or exploring their offerings for the first time, the welcoming energy remains consistent, underlining the team’s commitment to creating a space where everyone feels valued. In an industry where trust and integrity are paramount, The Botanist sets a high standard. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving not only quality products but also the exact quantity they’re promised.

75 John Fitch Blvd., South Windsor, CT — medical

Prime Wellness of Connecticut is a haven of cannabis knowledge and passion, emerging as an educational hub where the amalgamation of deep knowledge and genuine concern for patrons creates an unmatched environment. The technicians at Prime Wellness are not just well-versed with the products; they possess an impressive depth of knowledge about medication that can be described as nothing short of outstanding. Their expertise ensures that patrons not only get the best product recommendations but also gain a deeper understanding of their choices. Even for those who have to drive out of their way, the journey becomes worthwhile when they experience the unrivaled atmosphere. Every visitor, regardless of their background or concerns, is greeted with a welcoming smile, creating an environment where questions are encouraged and judgments are absent. The staff’s commitment to kindness, concern, and compassion, coupled with their profound product knowledge, makes each visit more than just a transaction—it becomes an enlightening experience.


Connecticut marijuana laws

Selection criteria for Leafly List Connecticut

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Connecticut, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in Connecticut. This list also uses quality indicators, like customer reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.



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