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The stoner’s guide to a lit Super Bowl Sunday



Source: Marijuana Moment

Whether you identify as a diehard football fan or just like watching the commercials, the Super Bowl remains one the best days of the year to kick back, relax, and enjoy time with friends and family.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII (57) at 6:30 PM ET. And while there’s plenty to look forward to at this year’s Super Bowl, there are still just a few things that we don’t want you to forget as Sunday approaches.

With just a little preparation and planning, every weed lover can have fun during the Big Game. Ready to learn how? Check out the tips below.

Prepare to be a great friend and guest

Okay, so we established that you want to get high and watch the Super Bowl, but what about a plug to the main event?

In case you want to actually watch the Super Bowl (and not just Rihanna’s performance on Youtube after the fact), you should already be sweet-talking your friend with all the premium channels and streaming accounts.

If you don’t have a friend like this, start asking your other stoner friends what they’re doing for the day, and see if you can snag an invite to get-togethers where you can hang and sesh.


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Make sure you show up with enough weed to contribute to the rotation. For a four-hour-long event with lots of people, you’ll want to bring a decent amount of bud. This is a great segue to our next tip.

Cop an ounce of team weed or encourage guests to BYOW

It’s usually a good idea to have enough weed to share if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party. Weed is a popular plant, and you’d be surprised who might be interested in a puff or a low-dose gummy.

Plan for the worst (or best) case scenario and stock up for the day. Letting folks know to bring their own weed also takes some responsibility off yourself as a host and leaves your stash for backup.

If you really want to be prepared, cop an ounce and have everyone throw $5 on it. Yes, throw $5 on it.

We’re in a recession, and inflation is sky-high!

Brush up on your sports talk

Unless you want to remain blissfully high and unawarehis is the last year that you have to be clueless about the rules of football. These days, you can use new technology like ChatGPT AI to learn the basics of the game.

The artificial intelligence chatbot can explain the rules to just about anyone. Plus, the AI will have a lot more patience than your uncle, the professional mansplainer.

You can also begin learning the players’ names and a little more about the league if you want to connect with football fans at the party. Don’t know what to say? Pick one of these interesting tidbits to start a convo.

  • Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jalen Hurts is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. The pair will make history as the first two Black players starting and leading their teams as quarterbacks in the Big Game.
  • The Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and The Eagles’ Jason Kelce are brothers playing on opposing teams. What are the odds?
  • NFL players are strictly prohibited from smoking marijuana during the season. Players are allowed to have weed between April and August with fewer restrictions.


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Set snackers up for success

Putting your snacks and munchies near actual THC edibles can turn your Super Bowl Sunday into snack-fueled chaos.

A label, post-it note, or colored skewer will not cut it, especially if the game’s a nail-biter. WE REPEAT. Even if you label everything perfectly, chances are high that someone could still get confused as they navigate your Super Bowl food set-up.

Keep the edibles and the munchies in distinctly different locations where they can’t be confused or overindulged in. And, of course, make sure everyone who is ready to leave your party is sober enough to drive or has a designated driver.

If you’re headed to someone else’s party, consider bringing munchies or edibles to share, and don’t forget to line up your ride home in advance.

Choose the right strains to get you through the long day

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the time for strains that make you want to sleep. Find strains that will help you have a good time by looking through our lists of strains by effect.

Look out for Super Bowl smoke signals

Weed commercials have already been rejected in the past, but the future’s still bright for weed sightings as more and more states legalize cannabis. Just take last year, when Snoop Dogg snuck a blunt on stage just before his Super Bowl LVI performance in Los Angeles.

Times are undoubtedly changing, so keep your eyes peeled for any 420-friendly additions to the show —including from Bad Gal RiRi herself.

After all, the game is in Arizona, a legal, adult-use state. If you see someone on the screen toking up, it’s your sign to light (another) one up yourself.


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Whether you like football or not, free food, great weed, and good vibes are in your future. The sad news? Most of us have work on Monday morning! But when did that ever keep a good stoner down?



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