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Treat yourself this holiday season with highlights from MedMen in Florida



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November 19, 2021

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us, it’s time to prepare for maximum merriment and stock up on some quality cannabis at your local MedMen.

Once November hits, the end of the year can come at you fast. You’re preparing for holiday gatherings and getting your shopping lists in order, work is heating up for the final yearly push, or maybe you’re just getting adjusted to colder temps and fewer sunny days. Whatever the winter months look like for you, they’re here & happening.

With the bustle that the holiday season brings, it’s especially important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If cannabis plays an essential role in your wellness, it’s a great time to make sure you’re stocked and step up with the products you need to maximize holiday merriment and soothe added stress.

MedMen is in your corner with seven Florida locations ready to serve medical patients with quality cannabis and exceptional customer care so that you have what you need to take on the holidays. And if you’re shopping at Orlando, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach, or South Beach locations, you can even have your order delivered.

If you’re new to MedMen’s premium collection of high-quality cannabis, we’ve selected some tried-and-true highlights available across Florida that can help set you up to celebrate the season at your best. Always consult with your physician to determine what care solutions are right for you.

GMO Zkittles hybrid flower

The first item on your wish list might very well be some quality whole flower. There are few things better than the aroma that comes off some freshly ground, thoughtfully grown bud, and MedMen’s shelves are stocked with great strains that deliver where it counts.

One such standout strain is GMO Zkittles, made from a combination of GMO Cookies and a Zkittles x OG Kush cross. This heavy-hitting hybrid offers an intense high with calming effects perfect for a relaxing night in. Its candy, citrus, and fruity-diesel notes make this a tasty, treat-yourself strain that’s a great go-to for this holiday season.

LuxLyte 1:20 Drops Sativa

The flurry of activity around the holidays isn’t limited to nighttime gatherings—it’s great to have a daytime solution in your pocket to help you feel at your best while you’re tackling what the day throws at you. LuxLyte is a MedMen brand featuring precise CBD to THC ratio-based formulations in a number of formats to dial in on different relief needs throughout the day. Their 1:20 Sativa formulation is recommended for daytime use and is intended to provide an uplifting effect.

The 1:20 CBD to THC formulation is available in Drops, Soft Gels, and Pen formats, but the Drops make for an easy-to-use daytime option that you can mix with water or take sublingually. The dropper makes this product easy to dose, with each 30 mL bottle containing approximately 7.2mg of CBD and 142.80mg of THC and one full dropper containing approximately 5mg of cannabinoids. The brand recommends an average dose of 5mg, 2 times a day, but always consult your physician to find the dose that works best for you.

Sour Diesel Pre-rolls

If you like to have a smokable option in your daytime wellness toolkit, a sativa strain in a pre-roll format is a great go-to to support your get-up-and-go. Sour Diesel not only fits the bill, it’s a classic for a reason. The cross of Super Skunk and Chemdawg is known for its energizing, cerebral high that comes with a calming effect that’s perfect for social gatherings. Packing a pungent sour and fuel-like aroma, it’s a memorable strain that leaves an impression. Its fact-acting effects fit nicely in the pre-roll format available from MedMen so you can take it with you and fuel your day.

Mary’s Medicinals Half Gram Vape in Sugar Cookie

A trusty vape can be a game-changer when it comes to always having your essential strains on hand. MedMen offers high-quality half gram cartridges from Mary’s Medicinals filled with pure cannabis extract from a variety of top-notch strains. The Sugar Cookie hybrid cart makes for a holiday season treat that’s known to send patients to dreamland with deeply calming mind and body effects. With flavors of tropical fruit and sugary berries, this is a cart sweet enough to stock up on.

LuxLyte 1:100 Soft Gels Indica

This LuxLyte formulation is intended for the nighttime, serious relief end of the spectrum with its 1:100 CBD to THC ratio. The Soft Gels format is easy to incorporate into your nighttime routine with simple oral ingestion as the consumption method, and the precise ratio formulation means that each bottle contains approximately 1.50mg of CBD and 148.50mg of THC. MedMen recommends these Soft Gels for relief from severe pain with an average dose of 5mg, 2 times per day, but as always, consult your physician to determine the dose that works best for your condition. The holiday season can take a lot out of you, so getting the rest you need is essential. This formulation is designed to help with just that, so that you can be ready to enjoy the next day’s festivities.

Find the MedMen nearest you and start stocking up so you can take on the season.



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